About Me


I grew up in a little Village in the Swabian Alps in Germany. Through my father, I learned a lot of stuff about computers and finally also programming. I started out with Python, then had a little bit of BASIC and C in school. For my personal Projects, I also tried out JavaScript and with that NodeJS. I built some games in Python and with the Godot Engine (because the language was similar to Python). Due to a friend of mine, I started to get into Sever-Management and learned about containerization, configuration-management, and Version-Control-Systems. Which basically means I learned about Docker, Ansible, and Git. I finished School in 2019. Currently doing the Piscine at 42Wolfsburg. Feel free to check out some of my projects and get in contact with me.


I'm a Student from Germany, who is programming in his free time. I mostly build Webapplications, but also built commandline tools and experimented with Machinelearning/Artificialintelligence.

Contact Information

E-Mail: peter@5stengl.de
Instagram: @gqdeltex
Twitter: @gqdeltex
Github: GQDeltex