I grew up in a little Village in Germany. Through my father, I learned a lot of stuff about computers and finally also programming. I started out with Python, then had a little bit of BASIC and C in school. For my personal Projects, I also tried out Javascript and with that NodeJS. I built some games in Python and with the Godot Engine (because the language was similar to Python). Due to a friend of mine, I started to get into Sever-Management and learned about containerization, configuration-management, and Version-Control-Systems. Which basically means I learned about Docker, Saltstack, and Git. I finished School in 2019, though I don't really know what to do now. So feel free to check out some of my projects and get in contact with me.


I'm a Student from Germany, who is programming in his free time. I mostly build Webapplications, but also built commandline tools and experimented with Machinelearning/Artificialintelligence.

Photo of Me

Infos about me:

AKA: Pete

Home: Baden Württemberg, Germany


Good amount of Experience

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Docker
  • Docker Swarm


  • Java
  • C
  • Go/Golang
  • Arduino
  • PHP


Web Design

Web Design


Here are some of my Projects


This server is running docker containers in docker swarm mode on a virtual machine running at my webhosting provider of choice. It is the base to everything you see on this page right n...



SAVmee is a question/answer Platform for groups of developers. You can create your own teams and answer each others questions. It was developed at Code+Design Camp Stuttgart 1808a by fr...

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A Webapp to assist players while playing the german Pen&Paper RPG 'Das Schwarze Auge'. It will be designed, so it doesn't interfere with the gameplay.

Details GithubView Progress


Roastbook is an (anti) social network. It does basically what the name implies. You have to roast each other. The Key to 'succeeding' in this network is to write the most creative roast...

Details Github

Magic Shapes

Magic Shapes is a simple Jump 'n Run where you shapeshift at each checkpoint, just to make it interesting. It was made for the Ludum Dare 35 Game Development Contest.

Details Download Github


RUNicorn is a top down game, where you have to dodge Unicorns and run away from them. There are three different levels which repeat, but get harder every time. This game was develop...

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Lance Knight - The Beginning

Lance Knight is a simple top down medieval themed game. You are the only knight with a Lance and you have to defend yourself against other Knights with swords.

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